We’re fighting with Stephanie

Posted on March 30, 2015

I love horse riding – the feeling of being on the back of one of these beautiful and graceful yet strong animals is like no other and is one that I relish.
I met Heather at the Widbrook Arabian Stud Farm and on finding out what I have achieved, she requested my help in raising the profile of the charity and the work that they do as well as gaining sponsorship to allow their work to continue.

A larger, stronger horse was required at the farm to allow larger people to ride, so by letting the local press know that I was involved heavily on a personal and professional level at the farm made sure that the Arabian Stud Farm soon became famous in the area! Thanks to this and many local people, our aim soon began to look like it could happen.

When I saw local children with disabilities visit the farm and the joy that they took from riding and grooming the horses, I was more aware than ever of the reasons behind us doing this.

One morning into our campaign, we were contacted by a local family named the Preeses who had personal reasons for wanting to help us. With their help, we were able to purchase the perfect horse for the farm named Jemima’s Gift who is now at home on the farm and a favourite of the many who are able to ride him.

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